Babu Owino Is a Hero and Should Be Treated As Such

Paul Ongili aka Babu Owino

I was dismayed to see Embakasi East MP elect Babu Owino being arrested for calling an unidentified person mtoto wa umbwa. First, I couldn’t make out what exact crime the maverick had committed until I heard he had been charged with subversion. Subversion?  What’s that? How can calling an unidentified person mtoto wa umbwa lead to the fall of a government? Well, let the courts decide that. But in our sociopolitical culture we do not have something like that. Instead of being thrown into some small dungeon, Babu Owino should have been taken Continue reading “Babu Owino Is a Hero and Should Be Treated As Such”

Muthama Thinks a Duel of Honour Ends Up Honourably

Moses Kuria (left) and Johnson Muthama (right) when they were arraigned in court on charges of incitement.

Former Machakos Senator, Johnson Nduya Muthama, was arrested last week, a second such arrest in two years. Many people suspect various reasons as to why he was arrested. His supporters suspect the government is witch-hunting him. Others suspect he engineers his own arrests by transgressing the law unnecessarily. Police suspect Continue reading “Muthama Thinks a Duel of Honour Ends Up Honourably”

StorymojaFestival@10 – A Galaxy of Stories

A night event at the Storymoja Festival.

We have eyes, but we don’t see. We have ears, but we don’t hear. We can read, but we don’t understand what we read.

It is on that premise that the literati at the University of Nairobi, led by Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Taban Lo Liyong, advocated for the complete overhaul of the curriculum at the Department of English so as to see the Continue reading “StorymojaFestival@10 – A Galaxy of Stories”

Hargeysa Experiences: Conversation With Raphael d’Abdon

Raphael d’Abdon

Raphael d’Abdon is a man of two continents, having been born and raised in Udine, a small town in the North East of Italy, and moved to Pretoria, South Africa, in 2008. He is a writer, scholar, editor, and translator and teaches at the University of South Africa, Pretoria. For a man who walks and lives poetry, finding himself in Hargeysa was just another trail in the literary hike. Continue reading “Hargeysa Experiences: Conversation With Raphael d’Abdon”

Hargeysa Experiences: Conversation with Riziki Mumba

Riziki Mumba

Kasichana Riziki Mumba has a vivant demeanor. She describes herself as a lover of art, poetry, literature and music. You’ll find me at almost all the events that have these being showcased and my love for reading helps me to appreciate the books I get to buy and read, she says.

It was no coincidence that she found herself in Somaliland for the Hargeysa International Continue reading “Hargeysa Experiences: Conversation with Riziki Mumba”

Poesy and Its Masters; Evolution of Kariuki wa Nyamu

Kariuki wa Nyamu

Kariuki wa Nyamu won this year’s Babishai Niwe Haiku Prize, after beating sixteen other artists. In exploring the place of poetry in Africa, Wasomi got into conversation with him.

Congratulations first of all for winning the Babishai Niwe Haiku Prize, 2017. For starters, what is Haiku? It sounds so foreign; does it have a place here on the African soil?

Thank you very much for the warm congratulations. Well, a haiku is a three line poem whose origin is Japan. Continue reading “Poesy and Its Masters; Evolution of Kariuki wa Nyamu”